Mr Arthur Stays with The Bounding Dog B&B Co

Mr Arthur Stays with The Bounding Dog B&B Co

For the evening of Saturday 5th of November, The Bounding Dog Walking Corps, were called to duty; to look after Mr Private 2nd Class Arthur, for a Dog B&B (overnight stay) at The Bounding Dog Barracks.

This would be the 1st official ‘The Bounding Dog B&B Co — Doggy B&B with Chauffeur & Concierge Service’, and we were honoured to have been entrusted with Mr Private 2nd Class Arthurs well-being.

It is safe to say that he is somewhat of a snuggle-bug, and incredibly affectionate.

He attempted to stealthy sneak snuggle up to my chicken & pickle rolls, with his eyes being the biggest giveaway; that’s as far as he got.

He and Miss Poppy were proper chilled the whole evening, even with the fireworks going off; a proper relaxed and chilled evening for all.

He was a good boy, and woke me up at a reasonable time with a squeaky toy, then we dropped him off to Mum this morning.

We’ll look forward to having Mr Private 2nd Class Arthur stay with us again, and see if he can climb the rank ladder up to Mr Private 1st Class; only time will tell.

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Overnight Dog Home Boarding – Doggy B&B with Chauffeur Service

Home Dog B&B with Chauffeur Service up to 16hrs — £35

The Bounding Dog — Doggy B&B with Chauffeur Service, where your dog comes to stay with us for an over night stay.

There are huge comfy dog beds in most rooms, and typically easy access to the garden when the weather is dry. No outside kennels, cages or crates here.

Typically your dog is either picked-up, or dropped off, early evening ready to settle in for the night.

Then in the morning, I can take your dog out for out first early morning walk with Miss Poppy which usually lasts a few hours, usually around 7-8am, and I can drop your dog back off after this walk, usually around 10am.

I can arrange to drop your dog off before the first walk, or you can pick-up if preferred.

Checking In & Checking Out

Your Dog needs to be checked-in with us no earlier than 5-6pm, and checked-out prior to 10-11am at the very latest.

I can accommodate earlier arrivals for an additional fee. I can also look after your dog for a few hours extra the following morning, again, with an extra fee.

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Dog Walking with The Bounding Dog Walking Co @ £12 per Dog.

We’ll be focusing on Dog Walking in Seaford for the foreseeable future, and with immediate effect.

1-on-1 Dog Home Boarding & Dog Day Care, done on an as-need-basis (likely limited to existing customers).

We’ve reduced dog walking prices down to £12 per dog, to better align with local pricing.

Message us here at The Bounding Dog if you are interested in arranging frequent or infrequent Dog Walks, or know of anyone who does; we at The Bounding Dog would be in your debt. ?

Graham & Miss Poppy.

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