A 9 week young Miss Poppy

Hi! We are The Bounding Dog!

The Bounding Dog Walking Co comprises of Graham, and Miss Poppy.

We work together to offer Dog Walking and other Dog related services and activities, in Seaford, East Sussex.

Miss Poppy is a 4 year old German Shepherd, and she is a constant companion as well as crowd favourite. Miss Poppy is frankly, just perfect.

The Bounding Dog Walker with his hands almost full

Pre Pandemic, we initially focused on Exclusive Dog Boarding and Dog Day Care, but post Pandemic we’ve had to ‘pivot’ and reprioritise.

Dog Walking is now our primary focus, and then in the following order: Dog Feeding & Drop-in’s, Dog Day Care and Exclusive 1-on-1 Dog Boarding.

My goal now is to become the ‘go-to’ Dog Walker in Seaford. Quite lofty ambitions given the very competitive Dog Walking sector, but it helps me drive forward.

The Bounding Dog website will allow you to see what services we offer how much we charge, as well as a new Bounding Dog Blog and also a platform to showcase Dog Photography.

Graham, with some of Miss Poppy’s friends
Miss Poppy, Mr Riley and Miss Rosie