We are The Bounding Dog Walking Co™

Welcome to the The Bounding Dog Walking & Dog Day Care Co™, providing Exclusive 1-on-1 Dog Services, in and around Seaford.

Miss Poppy, and myself, work famously well together to provide Exclusive 1-on-1 Dog Walking & Dog Day Care, and other Dog related services and activities, in Seaford, East Sussex.

If you are on the search for a Seaford based Dog Walker, that focuses on Exclusive 1-on-1 Dog Services, then The Bounding Dog Walking Co™ can absolutely be of loyal service to you.

Looking for a Seaford Dog Walker?

Please do reach out to us, either by Email or Phone, and we can get things moving. We very much both look forward to hearing from you.

Graham & Miss Poppy.

Miss Poppy and Dog Walker & Dog Walking in Seaford | The Bounding Dog Walking Co

Dog Walking & Dog Day Care, with the Beautiful Miss Poppy.

There is one constant, and that is Miss Poppy. If you don’t know her, haven’t met her or come across her, then you are missing out.

She is fantastically photogenic, and this website will have numerous photographs of her, as well as all her dog friends.

Miss Poppy always accompanies me on our Bounding Dog Walks, and she is the perfect host when it comes to Dog Day Care and our exclusive 1-on-1 Dog Boarding.

Dog Walking with Miss Poppy is always super fun.

Exclusive 1-on-1 Dog Walking & Dog Day Care for all Dog Types, from:

Small & Nimble Dogs…

To Big & Playful Dogs

To Young & Inquisitive Dogs…

To Old & Wise Dogs.

Dogs just wanna have fun…

Miss Poppy and I generally have a great time out on our dog walks*, but there are some moments that are better than others.

Sometimes on our forest walks, we end up meeting some wonderfully happy dogs.

In the video below we have: Miss Poppy, Miss Pops, Miss Bo and Miss Dippy

* I mean, we don’t always do a traditional walk, we’ve been know to frequent the odd festival, and obviously top-up with some delicious coffee from our friends at The Tide and Baca’s.

tel: 07816 527 462
email: [email protected]

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